Am I being too idealist?

September 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

I chose to stay in a field which was less lucrative than other because I liked it.. I decided to stay offshore because simply I wanted to.. I joined my recent place because I wanted to be with my family.. Money was always the secondary part.. And yet it seems I probably should’ve done things in different manner, more money minding manner.. And this is preached by a kid who started working just last year. What has world come to?
How sad it really is?
Profession is decided because that’s where money is.. Your career path follows the money trail.. You tell me I come from old school of thought because I think liking what you do is more important than anything else in a career..
I agree you need money for most things in life but what’s the point of money if you are not happy with what you do.. We spend 10-12 hours in office daily.. Rest is spent in socializing with same colleagues talking about same work.. If you hate your work, haven’t you just wasted your life??
I know I’m being old-school and too idealist.. But I’m happy with decisions I made in life.. I like what I do.. I might not like my superiors at all times.. But overall I’m happy finding bugs.. I would eventually move out.. but that would again be for something I would like doing..
Or maybe I can just marry some really rich guy, give up my job, start teaching street kids again and still shop (a lot)


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§ One Response to Am I being too idealist?

  • suudhan says:

    who says thats a old school of thought? I totally believe in that, and I second you 🙂
    There is no worth of money if you hate your job! But if you get good money and good work, nothing like it 😀
    rich guy eh 😉

    [stepped in after a long time… had a good 15 min spent here :)]

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