The Great Indian Nod

September 17, 2008 § 1 Comment

Have you ever noticed how Indians can agree, disagree and even ignore what you are saying just by simple nod? The Great Indian Nod is an amazing thing. It says I agree. It says I agree but that doesn’t mean I’ll do what I’m agreeing to. It can also also say I disagree but I’m just being polite. It can also mean I really don’t understand you but It’s better to nod than otherwise.
G is always mystified by it. Esp when even I do it. It’s in our genes. We do it subconsciously for everything. He is always confused if I just agreed to what he said or if I’m just being polite. I don’t even realize most of the time that I’m doing it til he points it out. And point out he does.
I never realized how big part nod was playing in my daily routine til I sprained my neck. For last 2 days, I cannot turn it sideways. And can you imagine how hard it is to agree to your boss or says yes it’ll be done with the nod..
Yup, Indians would be nodding at this line and I cannot…
Lets hope I get better soon and can easily nod again.



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