It’s one of those Days..

September 10, 2008 § Leave a comment

..where almost everything goes wrong..
I woke up from weird dreams.. Looked like QTP was chasing me or was it some other tool?
while cooking lunch, turns out peas were not as thawed as I would’ve liked (Frozen food woes).. Luckily I do have magic in my hands.. My dish was quite nice.. 😛 (Such Modesty…)
I stepped out of the House only to realize my cell phone was missing.
Turn back, and another realization dawns, my keys (both house and car) were also inside..
Ok, Reach security. The only guy I would trust with my flat emergency passage (he has climbed my flat coupla times before.. Some people will never learn :P) has gone out and won’t be back for another hour..
Hmmm.. Lets’ just go to work.. Turns out rickshaw rates have doubled in last few months.. Bargain.. walk a bit.. Bargain with another rickshaw puller.. walk some more.. repeat process for another 15 min under sun.. finally reach compromise with one.. and to the Office..
Yup.. No change in purse.. beg security guards for change.. get it for loss.. (so eventually I ended up paying same amount that those other r-pullers were asking.. All that walk for nothing.. Duh!!!)
Now at work.. Had a Major presentation and Demo.. Ahh my luck.. My Silktest trial crashed.. Re-installing didn’t work… there goes part of demo..
But QTP worked.. (partly) So guess I can show something..
Presentation went Nicely..
Rest of day at work was ok..
S came along to help me open up the house.. And Yayyy I was inside…
Had to meet someone.. So went there.. ran errands.. Still nothing wrong.. Nicee…
Come back to work.. And printer doesn’t work.. Spent almost half hour trying to get those print-outs and Nothing.. Zilch…
Now back at home.. Have already burned fingers.. got scratches..
So I think let’s just end this day and head to bed…

Hope dreams would be better…


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