And you think you have problems..

August 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

Everyone thinks their problems are bigger than others. We sit and spend whole day complaining about people who irritate us, about work, about pay scales, about things we want but don’t have. And never for a minute, we stop and think about the Big Picture. It’s only when a tragedy strikes, we venture out of little cocoons. Even then.. For how many days would we stay out?
My closest friend in office just lost her dad. And the way people show support is eye opening. Some would visit/call almost every day to provide support. Whereas some would try to fit it in their schedules. Some worry and ask about her constantly and Some have forgotten it already.
It was a clot in brain which lead to bleeding. She and her family just had worse week of their life. Luckily they are strong and picking up pieces to move on.
But it makes me depressed and value my family more. You know they are not going to be there forever. But Noone is ever ready for this kind of pain.
Let’s hope we never have to know when that forever will end.


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