Why am I thankful to Stomach Infection?

July 14, 2008 § Leave a comment

Well.. Finally had a weekend in long time where I wasn’t sick. I know I should be sad about spending a whole month being sick.. But I’m not.. Reason being –
1. Because I wasn’t allowed to eat outside food, I had to cook my lunch, dinners resulting in tremendous improvement in my cooking.
2. I lost weight – majorly. Yeah, yeah.. Not good.. I should eat more.. But nothing beats the feeling you get by wearing 5 yr old jeans again. (wearing not struggling to get into it)
3. Saved money – can’t eat out, so don’t wanna go out, so no more shopping (had internet been down, I could’ve declared 100% savings :P)
4. Finished more books and movies than ever in 1 month – Sick people have no option but too rest coz they are too tired while working whole day
5. I got to get off work early – my manager is a doll. Work done, go home, no point exerting yourself 🙂

And you ask, don’t I get sick of being sick? 😀



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