And you read my mind..

June 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

It’s funny how you are thinking about something, wishing to jot down your thoughts, you find your friend just posted about same thing. Well, almost same thing.
Nutty wonders about being blushing bride. I was wondering about so-called Happily-Ever-After.
I was planning on starting a petition to ban romance from books and movies. It makes us wish for impossible. It makes us spend days and nights dreaming for perfection while ignoring the slight imperfection in front of us.
But then I thought maybe somewhere someone did find their happily-ever-after. Just because I don’t see it around doesn’t mean It doesn’t exist.
and then someone slightly imperfect came on his horse, admonished me in a stern but gentle tone “You have not seen enough in this world to declare yourself a cynic. For you, my beautiful, have a happily-ever-after just right ahead. Take my hand and I shall lead you to it.”

So.. what you think happened next đŸ˜›


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