Light at end of tunnel

May 29, 2008 § Leave a comment

It’s one of those days which you already know will suck.
Where you wake up in morning after having a depressing dream. There’s a feeling of doom you jut can’t shake off.
You are at airport and within those 10 seconds where you are saying your good-byes, your car gets towed.
Turns out you’ve forgotten your driving-license at home.
Lucky for you, cops are in good mood. you pay minimum fine and you are let off with a warning. You wonder if it’s a good day or bad.
You get stuck in traffic Jams. 1 hour drive takes 2.
You get a nice healthy dose of dust.. which leaves you breathless for half hour or so.
Somehow you reach work. but you feel sick. So you leave early and try to take a nap at home.
Of course, with this kind of day you cannot.
You Surf. You Chat.
All the articles you encounter on web keeping pointing out that you might be in dead-end relationship and guy’s lying. (Not that I believe them all).
Now if you happen to have some kind of secret fling on side, you really cannot go to your friends and ask for advice. So you try to talk about it with person in question himself. And as with everything in that day, poor thing is too busy to analyze your feelings and try to pacify your fears.
You feel more depressed. More sad.

And then, viola, out of nothing, comes a thought, so what?
Day sucked, So what? You have another one waiting for you.
Your fling might not be what you think, So what? You are not what he thinks either. Plus let’s be honest, he’s just a fling. You know very well, it’ll end in another 1 month, 2-3 at tops. Then why worry?
You feel terrible, So what? have you done anything today to feel better.
Mind is clearer, things are clearer.
Turns out, I was giving far more importance to something which is not even there. Talk about counting your chickens before they hatch.

So as discovered, today is indeed better. There are new dates to worry about, as compared to a far-off fling.
Next time, try So What? It works.


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