What is Love?

April 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

Just wondering…
Is it love when you marry someone only to disregard their wishes and life?
Is it love when you plan a whole life together only to change your mind right before that important step?
Is it love when you say you can’t live without someone only to be in bed with someone else next weekend?
Is it love when you ask the other to change whole of his/her life so they can fit into your idea?
Is it love that turns away its face with other’s face/age?
Is it love that makes you want to stay friends forever but just not with them?
Is it love that dies if its against society/parents/caste/religion’s wishes?
Is it love that makes you seek out company of others the moment you are alone?

So many people are sad. So many people are lonely. So many people are lonely even when with somebody. So many people are feeling hurt.
And yet, people wonder why am I so cynical about Love?

Love is, I think, without definition.
Love is, I think, Respecting who you are, what you are, whatever you do, however you do it.

Things change and people change. Things that we want change and people we want change as well. Some deal with it, some cannot. Some learn with age. I think I learned. I hope I retain.


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