This week…

April 11, 2008 § Leave a comment

We change.. A bit every day, a bit more every year.. And a lot over the years.. We change…
Have you realized even the things we like or reasons that makes us happy/sad/irritated, they all change…
So I figured why not keep a log.. maybe read this post a year later and see how much I’ve changed.. for good or for worse..

Things that make me happy – Flowers (at least for today :)). Sweet Surprises. Mails from old Friends. Phone calls made just to hear your voice or say hello after a long time or a friend who just thought of you. Mom rubbing your head when it hurts.

Things that make me sad – Pain that my friends are going through. Nice guys finishing last. Humanity, so Indifferent towards everything. Poverty being treated as nothing but a book/photographic subject.

Things that annoy me – Stupid Questions. Redundant Arguments. Mails for heck of mailing. Ignorant people trying to prove their knowledge. Bad Drivers. Fakes. Disregard of ethics/rules. Indecisive people.


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