First order of business is..

February 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Business. Agreed. But what about ethics and people? Is money a higher priority or Values or Integrity? Personally I like working for a company with values. And I’m talking about values that are applied on day-to-day business, not the one on mission statement. It is sad that people are treated as resource not as human beings. It is sad that first criteria for innovation these days is saleability. What if someone in early ages had said we should not invent wheel because there is no market for it? Vision should not get restricted by revenues. Business shouldn’t be irresponsible towards its employees. Biggest asset of any company are its employees. Without them, nothing would work. Yes, You might have a product which is best-seller now. But if your employees aren’t motivated enough, quality will start going down. There won’t be any new ideas to make it better. And your star performers will leave you one by one.
Money matters but not as much as people who help bring it


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