Extinction of a culture by a culture

February 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

Recently I read an article about vanishing languages.. Great Andamanese is on top of the list of endangered languages. Only 8 people are left who can speak it and that too not so fluently. How sad it is?
In human quest of colonizing, spreading the so-called civilized culture, we have managed to destroy their culture. Their folk-lore is lost, their children can’t speak their language, their crafts are on verge of becoming lost.
Where are so-called Indian culture Saviors? Isn’t Andaman a part of our country? Don’t we have any responsibility towards natives? We make movies about ABCDs. Hell, more than half of books written by Indian Authors these days are about Identity Crisis. And yet, our tribes can’t even manage to survive and of course nothing is done but few studies by few professors, few articles, 1-2 books that no one would ever read.
I love my country. I can’t wait to get out of it. And I refuse to agree that Arundhati Roy or Jhumpa Lahiri are greatest authors or our times. (I don’t consider Chetan Bhagat an author.. And I’m not even getting into any argument about it.. )
I’m sorry that we have been so neglectful and we’ll probably stay this way til I become PM 🙂


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