Faith in Ourselves..

February 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

Have you ever noticed that our family and friends usually have more faith in our capabilities than us. How is it that they can see our inner strengths but we never can? Yes, they are bit biased. Their hopes and expectations put too much pressure on us to perform well. Sometimes, with good results. Sometimes, not so good.
It is hard to disappoint people who believe you can do just about anything. It is harder to listen to their optimism. And Hardest is keeping up a brave face when you are trembling from inside with doubts.
But then again, It is this optimism which gives us strength to try and to excel.. These are the people you think of, the moment you hear a good news. Which brings me to point of this post..
I wasn’t planning to preach.. Really.. I wasn’t..
I’m just saying Thank You to those who always told me I can do whatever I want. It is nice to hear “I knew you would get through it”

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